1. Ahead on our Way (from "Final Fantasy VII")

  2. Terra's Theme (from "Final Fantasy VI")
    Hotline Sehwani

  3. Breezy (from "Final Fantasy VIII")

  4. Video Game LoFi: Metroid
    Floopy & LoFi VGM

  5. Stables (from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild")
    The Floor Is Lava

  6. Theme of Koco (from "Sonic Frontiers")
    lost:tree & foreteller

  7. Video Game LoFi: Jazz Hop Standards
    Save Point & Patrick McBride

  8. Video Game LoFi: Celeste

  9. Kraid's Theme (from "Metroid")
    Floopy & LoFi VGM

  10. Dearly Beloved (from "Kingdom Hearts") (Jazz Hop Edit)
    Save Point & Patrick McBride

  11. New Dalaran (from "World of Warcraft") (Chillhop Edit)
    Tiggs, Save Point and LoFi VGM

  12. Forest Temple (from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D") (Lo-Fi Edit)
    The Floor Is Lava and LoFi VGM

  13. Main Theme (from "The Last of Us") (Lo-Fi Edit)
    Save Point and LoFi VGM

  14. Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing (from "Sonic Frontiers") (Chillhop Edit)
    lost:tree and LoFi VGM

  15. Video Game LoFi: Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 2 - The Ocean Between
    foreteller & Save Point

  16. Video Game LoFi: GoldenEye 007

  17. Video Game LoFi: A Winter's Tale
    Curaga Records

  18. Video Game LoFi: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
    Michael Staple

  19. Video Game LoFi: Secret of Mana
    bLiNd & LoFi VGM

  20. Video Game LoFi: KINGDOM HEARTS

  21. Video Game LoFi: Pokémon
    Save Point, Besso0 & LoFi VGM

  22. Video Game LoFi: NieR:Automata

  23. Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64
    Save Point & 88bit

  24. Video Game LoFi: Skyrim
    High Tide Lofi & LoFi VGM

  25. Video Game LoFi: Sonic

  26. Video Game LoFi: DELTARUNE, Chapter 2
    LoFi VGM

  27. Video Game LoFi: Yoshi
    Save Point, nokbient & LoFi VGM

  28. Video Game LoFi: Zelda
    Save Point


Curaga Records Seattle, Washington

Curaga Records releases chill, lo-fi hip hop, lo-fi house, jazzy video game music covers.

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