1. Save Point
    Seattle, Washington
  2. lost:tree
    London, UK
  3. nokbient
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. High Tide Lofi
    New York, New York
  5. floopy
    Long Beach, California
  6. Besso0
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  7. 88bit
    Cleveland, Ohio
  8. bLiNd
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. Michael Staple
    Brampton, Ontario
  10. pushpause
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  11. foreteller
    Brooklyn, New York
  12. The Floor Is Lava
    Wales, UK
  13. Emunator
    Mesa, Arizona


Curaga Records Seattle, Washington

Curaga Records releases chill, lo-fi hip hop, lo-fi house, jazzy video game music covers.

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