1. Breezy feat. Patrick McBride (from "Final Fantasy VIII")

  2. Stables (from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild")
    The Floor Is Lava

  3. Theme of Koco (from "Sonic Frontiers")
    lost:tree & foreteller

  4. Video Game LoFi: Celeste

  5. Kraid's Theme (from "Metroid")

  6. Dearly Beloved (from "Kingdom Hearts") feat. SideQuest (Jazz Hop Edit)
    Save Point, Patrick McBride

  7. New Dalaran (from "World of Warcraft") (Chillhop Edit)
    Tiggs, Save Point and LoFi VGM

  8. Forest Temple (from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D") (Lo-Fi Edit)
    The Floor Is Lava and LoFi VGM

  9. Main Theme (from "The Last of Us") (Lo-Fi Edit)
    Save Point and LoFi VGM

  10. Cyber Space 1-2: Flowing (from "Sonic Frontiers") (Chillhop Edit)
    lost:tree and LoFi VGM

  11. Video Game LoFi: Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 2 - The Ocean Between

  12. Video Game LoFi: GoldenEye 007

  13. Video Game LoFi: Winter's Tale
    Curaga Records

  14. Video Game LoFi: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
    Michael Staple

  15. Video Game LoFi: Secret of Mana
    bLiNd & LoFi VGM

  16. Video Game LoFi: Super Mario 64
    Save Point & 88bit

  17. Video Game LoFi: KINGDOM HEARTS

  18. Video Game LoFi: Pokémon
    Save Point, Besso0 & LoFi VGM

  19. Video Game LoFi: NieR:Automata

  20. Video Game LoFi: Skyrim
    High Tide Lofi & LoFi VGM

  21. Video Game LoFi: Sonic

  22. Video Game LoFi: DELTARUNE, Chapter 2
    LoFi VGM

  23. Video Game LoFi: Yoshi
    Save Point, nokbient & LoFi VGM

  24. Video Game LoFi: Zelda
    Save Point


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Curaga Records releases chill, lo-fi hip hop, lo-fi house, jazzy video game music covers.

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